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We offer a range of products to meet your needs

The main products that we have at your disposal are:

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Packaging (formerly Busak + Shamban)

Company with which we maintain a strategic commercial alliance that allows us to be authorized distributors in the country of its entire product line (Hydraulic, pneumatic and rotary).

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European millimeter packaging

Provided by our commercial partner Hydroseal Ibérica  which distributes brands such as: Merkel, HungerDichtungen, Epidor, Parker Prädifa / Hannifin, GapiGroup, ArticSeal, Polypac, in different materials such as: Turcón, Polon, Teflón, Urettano, Nitrile y Fluorocarbón (Viton).

Inch Packings of US Origin

Provided by our business partner HerculesSealingProducts, as well as original complete industrial cylinder kits and mobile equipment such as: Parker, Miller, Atlas, HYdro-Line, Sheffer, etc.


Wear guides

In different materials such as Turcite, Orkot, HiMod, Zurcon.

European O-rings and Quadrings

Millimeter and inch of different materials: NBR, Viton, Turcon, Silicone, Teflon. Also toric thread per meter.

Millimeter chrome bar

From 10mm. diameter, up to 180mm; and standard from ½ ”to 8”.

Honed and Honed tube millimeter

From 40mm. inner diameter up to 200mm. inside diameter; and standard from 1 ½ ”inside diameter, up to 10” inside diameter.

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